Georgia AER Chapter

Georgia AER hosted a very informative and enjoyable one-day conference on March 5th, 2016Technology and Services for Today and Beyond. 

Below are a few photos of the presenters for the day. 

Conference Attendees

Approximately 23 people were in attendance for this conference. 

Charlie Collins presenting

Charlie Collins spoke about adjustment to blindness and life. 

Tamara Greenwood presenting

Tamara Greenwood provided us with a comprehensive presentation on assessments for children with multiple disabilities.

Wendy Mons and Mark Armstrong presenting

Mark Armstrong and Wendy Mons presented on technology and the 21st Century kitchen. 

Sarah Bussey and Allison Joy presented on Wayfinding Technologies Used in O&M

Wendy Mons and LaKeisha Holmes presented on products and services for Independence by individuals with visual impairments. 

Shirley Robinson, Javonda Booker-Wilson, Pricilla Peters-Ward and Gigi Taylor presented on services offered by Vocational Rehabilitation services.