Georgia AER Chapter

To those of you who attended, and also presented at the Georgia AER conference March 8th and 9th, we thank you! The Georgia AER Board is already in the process of planning for next year's conference! Photos below are of presenters and attendees of the Georgia AER Conference. 

 Wendy Mons introducing presenters 


 attendees observing presentation a humorous moment between attendee and interpreter CVI Adult Services Georgia Department of Education
 Smokey Powell Center CVI STARS and BEGIN GVRA Services for Adults Georgia Sensory Assistance Project Georgia Department of Public Health headborn device presentation
 presenter for headborn devices headborn devices presenter at podium  Georgia Academy for the Blind two presenters taking in the conference smiling for the camera presenter providing O&M instruction with white cane in front of her in vertical position
 animated female presenter for recreation and leisure at podium female presenter at podium board member and presenter at podium GVRA presenters board member and recreation and leisure lead at podium female presenter at podium for recreation and leisure
 male presenter at podium for recreation and leisure board member at podium attendee receiving hand-over-hand interpretation while visiting recreation and leisure booth attendees having light-hearted fun for the camera AMAC braille services light-hearted exchange between attendee and exhibitor for recreation and leisure