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GPS Workshop

We had a great time at our GPS workshop on March 12, 2011

Getting Up To Speed With GPS: An Exploration of Various GPS Solutions for People with Vision Loss
Just about everyone who attended received a FREE Kapsys Kapten PLUS GPS

(Courtesy of Leader Dogs for the Blind)

Photo of two workshop participants navigating Peachtree St. in using a Kapten GPS system.

Photo of a group navigating Peachtree St. using a Mobile Geo device.

Overview of Mobile Geo

Mobile Geo offers persons who are blind or have low vision all the functionality of a mainstream commercial GPS. You can pinpoint your location, discover nearby points of interest, plan a route between specified points of origin and destination, and get instructions on waypoints along a route that you are following.


Automatic look around; announcements; Support for Microsoft Voice; Command to control Mobile Geo by voice; One-touch hotkey commands; Vibration alerts; “Getting warmer” function; Virtual mode to explore the maps from home; Powerful POI functionality; No data plan needed since maps are stored in the phone memory; Pedometer function; Announcement history feature; move your license from one device to another.

Website Address for Code Factory:

Photo of a group who used the Kapten GPS to return back to the workshop location after a walk around the streets of Buckhead.

Click here to download a copy of the Leader Dogs for the Blind PowerPoint presentation. Click this link to download the a text file of the PowerPoint.

Click here for more information about AirDrives earphones for the Kapten and to USB compatible chargers.