GaAER Awards

Awards Nomination

Please consider nominating a GaAER Member for one of our awards which will be announced at our 2023 Conference!

See below for information on each award and past winners!

Rookie of the Year Award

  • Must be a member of the Georgia AER

  • Has demonstrated a professional commitment through continued staff development and training

  • Has worked collaboratively with other professionals in order to provide quality service to their clients and/or students

  • Has worked collaboratively with families to provide outstanding services while promoting independence for their clients and/or students

  • Is within the first five years of service to the field of visual impairments

Rookie of the Year Recipients:

2003 Lee Ellen Whitefield

2004 Nicole Ashley

2005 Marsha Farrow

2007 Rebecca Bartels

Professional Achievement Award

  • Works well with peers and administrators

  • Seeks to work with related agencies

  • Displays and shares a working knowledge of methods and techniques for working with individuals with visual impairments

  • Displays creativity in working with clients and/or students

  • Provides or participates in professional development in current issues and practices within the field

  • Demonstrates commitment through participation in civic involvement to promote the independence and/or rights of individuals with visual impairments

Professional Achievement Award Recipients

1998 Annie Maxwell

1999 Emmie Faye Mullis

2002 Kay McGill

2003 Marie Amerson

2004 Dr. Robert Crouse

2005 Paul Whitten

2007 Mary Phagan Kean

Employer of the Year Award

  • Awarded to a company that has promoted employment for individuals with visual impairments

  • A letter of nomination and supporting letter from someone who has worked directly with the company

Employer of the Year Recipients:

1999 Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

2003 Coca-Cola of North America

2004 Air Tran

2005 Marriott Global Reservations and Sales

2007 United States Food and Drug Administration

Bennett Baxley Merit Award

  • Awarded specifically to a committed and active member of Georgia Chapter AER for outstanding work and dedication in enhancing and improving the chapter Example of activities: Obtaining new members; contributions towards fundraising; attends Board meetings; attends national or international conferences

Bennett Baxley Award Recipients:

1998 Jennifer Ganton

1999 Penny McMillen

2000 Nancy Parkin-Beshizi

2002 Joan Lentz

2003 Kathy Chappell-Cook

2004 Suzan Patillo

2005 Wendy Sapp

2007 Linda Williams

2020 Carmen Willings